Raise Triglyceride Levels

Diet plays the most important part in both lowering as well as raising triglyceride levels because it is the constituents of the food which we eat that ultimately determine our blood triglyceride count. This however, only holds true in case of people who don’t suffer from genetic diseases such as familial hypertriglyceridemia and thyroid disorder. In that case, diet has little to do with their triglyceride levels. For the rest of us, a diet that is rich with foods high in triglycerides is often responsible for high triglyceride, cholesterol and obesity. Although people with high triglycerides are usually the ones who are worried, it is unknown to many that even low levels of triglycerides can be a symptom of a number of health issues as well, and some of which could also turn out to be deadly. Deadly diseases like AIDS, the HIV virus, lymphoma etc can decrease the blood triglyceride level below 35 mg/dL, but such diseases are rarely the cause. Celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, hyperthyroidism and certain other diseases are more commonly found to be responsible for malabsorption induced low triglyceride levels and they are treatable. In fact at times, low triglyceride levels are not even the result of any internal disease. In such a case, an insufficient or imbalanced diet is the real explanation behind the malnutrition. If in a certain instance of low triglyceride, diet is the main problem; then here is a list of foods high in triglycerides that one can add to his/her daily diet in order to raise triglyceride levels.

  • Fat is the future form of triglycerides that is if the body does not have any use for the extra calories; therefore, increasing one’s fat consumption is a sure shot way to raise triglyceride levels. Try adding more red meat, animal fat, butter, lard and other fatty items to your diet.
  • Sugar or sweets (honey, candy, molasses, ice cream, chocolate etc) get converted into triglycerides immediately once inside the blood stream, therefore they should definitely be a part of one’s diet to raise triglyceride levels.
  • Alcohol is totally prohibited for patients who are prone to heart diseases because they raise triglyceride levels significantly even when just a single drink is consumed. It is advised that you should take small quantities of alcohol (beer, whiskey, vodka etc) while you are on a diet to raise triglyceride levels.
  • Even soft drinks are considered as potential enough to raise triglyceride levels. Colas, sodas, fruit juices, energy drinks and most other soft drinks are proficient in raising blood triglycerides due to their high carbohydrate content.
  • Unfortunately, most modern processed food items are known for raising triglycerides, like potato chips, cereals, syrups, bagels, pasta, popcorn, pizza and even the so called “fat free” products. This is good news actually, that is if one wants to raise triglyceride levels of course.

Before an attempt to raise triglyceride levels is made, it should be kept in mind that unless it is incredibly low (below 50 mg/dL or 35 mg/dL to be sure), low triglyceride is a good sign for the entire body and especially for the heart.