Lower Triglycerides Naturally

Lowering triglycerides has become a serious concern nowadays in the US as well as in most of Europe because an increasingly large number of people in these countries are showing a tendency towards being overweight or obese. Triglycerides in a healthy quantity are generally produced naturally by the liver and the intestines unless a particular medical condition or unhealthy dietary habit manages to accelerate the production rate or disturbs the triglyceride processing. High triglycerides are harmful for the heart because triglycerides are almost always followed by high cholesterol. Even without the assistance of cholesterol, triglyceride can do a lot of damage to the heart (atherosclerosis, arrhythmia) and other major organs (Fatty liver, pancreatitis, kidney failure) on its own. In fact, diabetes (type 2) has also been linked to triglycerides often as both a cause and a result of high triglyceride levels in the body. It is due to these reasons and many more that one should try to lower triglycerides naturally, if he/she finds that the current triglyceride level is too high (>150 mg/dL).

While there are medications available for lowering triglycerides, it is advised that you pursue it without the help of artificial medicines, unless of course, they are prescribed by a doctor; in which case it is strongly advised that you follow the prescription of your doctor thoroughly. Studies have shown that in most cases, it is possible to lower triglycerides naturally with the help of a balanced diet and an appropriate exercise routine. Both of these should be customized by certified personnel according to the physical condition and needs of the particular patient in order for the methods to work at optimum efficiency. In addition to exercising and dieting, one must also maintain one’s sleeping because an adequate amount of sleep is also necessary for bodily functions to become normal once again.

Although, only a doctor can guide one through the exact steps that are necessary for his/her particular physical condition, there are a few pointers about how to lower triglycerides naturally that can be helpful to all of us:

  • Replace regular soft drinks containing high amounts of carbohydrates with low carb soft drinks (diet) and fruit juices.
  • Fat is a necessary nutrient and you can use it to your advantage in your pursuit to lower triglycerides naturally. Simply, replace saturated fats like barbecued or fried red meat and other oily foods with omega fats like the unsaturated fats found in fish oil, olive oil, coconut oil and such.
  • Eat poultry products and fibrous food items such as vegetables and fruits as lean protein and fibers help to lower triglycerides naturally.
  • Limit alcohol consumption as it is a known fact that alcohol increases blood triglyceride levels faster than anything else.
  • Avoid sweets in general (candy, molasses, chocolates etc), but pay extra attention to completely avoid refined white sugar.
  • Develop an exercise routine that requires you to exercise for at least half an hour every day.
  • Keep a check on the total number of calories that you eat or drink everyday and pay attention especially towards your fat consumption so that it does not exceed 30% of your total daily calorie intake.