Foods High In Triglycerides

As there are a lot of reasons as to why one’s blood triglyceride levels might rise above the safety mark, it is hard to determine the exact cause or causes, without a proper medical diagnosis. However, it has been found that in most of the cases, obesity is closely related. Obesity or being overweight is held as a universal sign of high triglycerides in one’s blood plasma because it is the excess triglyceride that is turned into fat when the body is not in need of the reserve energy. If someone has gained a significant amount of visible fat, then it is obvious that the body is currently unable to process all the triglycerides that it is producing. This excess production could be either due to some sort of a medical condition such as familial hypertriglyceridemia, diabetes or hypothyroidism, but it could also result from an imbalanced diet which contains a high quantity of foods high in triglycerides. If the excess blood triglycerides are a result of eating foods high in triglycerides, then it is possible to bring down the triglyceride level quickly before it goes up too high and begins to initiate cholesterol elevation, heart diseases, kidney failure, liver diseases, diabetes and many other serious health issues.

The key is of course, to limit, avoid or completely stop foods high in triglycerides and replace them with foods to lower triglycerides. While the diet will help one to lessen the concentration of triglycerides from the blood stream, it will only be completely effective when that diet is accompanied by an exercise chart as well. Although only dieticians, doctors and fitness trainers can actually guide someone on how to go through the steps, one after the other. Here is a list of foods high in triglycerides that everyone with high blood triglyceride levels should be aware of:

  • Alcohol consumption, even in the smallest of quantities can boost triglyceride levels up as it contains fermented sugar and that is why patients with high triglycerides are strictly advised to stay away from all hard drinks.
  • Sugar is something that should be on the top of one’s “to avoid” list, especially refined white sugar. Honey, molasses, candies, cakes, desserts and ice cream come under this list, although the severity may vary depending on the particular type of sugar contained in the food product.
  • Beverages like soft drinks, fruit punches, fruit juices, sodas, energy drinks etc also contain high amounts of triglycerides in them and that is why it advantageous to eat whole fruits than fruit juices.
  • Trans fats and saturated fats are found in animal fats, butter, lard, whole milk, dairy products, cheese, fast food, margarine, fried and barbecued red meat, oily fries and even crackers.
  • One other source of triglycerides would be starchy food items like potato chips, “fat-free” products, cereals, pasta, bagels, pizza, popcorn, pretzels and rice.

These examples do not cover all of the foods high in triglycerides, but they are used here to help the readers form a conception of what to avoid when reducing triglycerides is essential.